ATV Opening Date
May 20, 2015

Board of Review to Adjourn to Later Date
May 14, 2015

New Voter ID Laws 2015
May 11, 2015

Road Weight Restrictions
May 01, 2015
NOTICE (May 1, 2015)   Road Restrictions have been lifted on Town Roads in Conover w...READ MORE »


Welcome to the Town of Conover!


 This 100 year old community, rich in its heritage, has continued to to attract visitors and people to settle in among the lakes, rivers, pine and hardwood forests in the clean and fresh air atmosphere known to many as "home." Conover is the place to relax, reflect and rejuvinate ones body and soul and communicate with nature.

Out of more than 17 thousand acres, 59.05% of Conover's acreage is County, State or Federal Forest Lands. Numerous unimproved  forest roads wind through managed forest lands giving a scenic view of the terrain, wildlife and vegetation of the true Northwoods.

Conover is a spectacular location for taking full advantage of our natural water resources for a wide variety of recreational pleasures  from canoeing to water skiing. Visit us soon and bring your camera.

No matter what season, there is every reason to visit and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature here in the beauty that was given to the Conover area!