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Frequently Asked Questions

Forms and Permits Q&A

How do I obtain a burning permit?

You should never burn when it is windy, never leave a fire unattended and make sure it is cold before you walk away. Piles should not exceed 6 ft. x 6 ft. and an area a minimum of 10 feet around the pile to be burned should be provided. Keep fighting tools and a water supply on hand. Burning of plastics, garbage, asphalt, treated or painted wood, rubber or oily substances is PROHIBITED. You must call (888) 947-2876 before each time you start a fire. You can get further information and obtain a free permit on line , the DNR Ranger Station adjacent to the County Highway Dept. (479-4771). Before you burn, you are required to either call 888-947-2876 (Vilas Co. is #64) or log onto the DNR Burn Conditions website to see if any emergency bans have been imposed.

When do I need a Zoning Permit?

Vilas County Zoning issues Zoning Permits for the Town of Conover effective March 2018.  A zoning permit is required at any point that you are making an improvement to your property (ie: fence, addition, alteration, dwelling, shed, garage, basement, etc.)  For zoning purposes, a building and structure is the same . . . "Structure" definition is a building, facility or other unit that is constructed or otherwise erected. "Building" definition is any structure that is intended to be a permanent accession to real property; that is designed or used for sheltering people, animals, plants, for storing property or for working, office, parking, sales or display space, regardless of any contribution that the structure makes to the production process in it; that in physical appearance, is annexed to that real property; that is covered by a roof or encloses space; that is not readily moved or disassembled; and that is commonly known to be a building because of its appearance and because of the materials of which it is constructed.

Do I need a zoning permit for the tarped type shelter placed over framework even if it is light-weight and moveable?

YES, this is a structure that is erected and can be used for multiple purposes and is creating space for your use. A structure is a unit, building or space created or erected to provide use such as storage, shelter which includes fences, sheds or any other manufactured structure. Even though it may seem portable and moveable, this is not a factor in the determination of whether a permit is required or not. It is an improvement to real estate property.

Where do I start in the process of obtaining a zoning permit?
You start at the Vilas County Zoning Dept,  715-479-3620.
What does the time period of the permit constitute?

Zoning permits for Vilas County are for a period of two (2) years from the date of issuance. In accordance with the Town General Code, the exterior of the structure must be in a completed condition. This means, the exterior has been sided ..... (no unfinished wood, celotex or like underlayment materials showing), roofing complete, windows and doors completed and finished. In simple terms, it should look on the outside like the job is DONE! The finishing of the interior with flooring, cabinets, doors wall coverings etc. can be beyond the permit period.

What about not being able to meet the deadline?

A zoning permit can be extended one time. This is done by re-applying for the permit from Vilas County. Failure to do so, can and will result in a penalty (can be doubling of the fee) and any violation of the regulations can constitute a penalty. Each day a violation exists, shall constitute a distinct and separate violation and forfeitures will apply accordingly (Code 14.15(b).

What if my home/cottage is just seasonal here in Conover?

Being seasonal, effects you in several ways. If this is not your primary residence, you are not entitled to the Wisconsin State Lottery Credit, you are not eligible to vote in more than one location*, you must notify the U. S. Postal Service of your where-abouts. Example, you live in Florida but come to your Conover Cottage/Home each summer when kids are out of school. In Florida before the time comes for you to leave, submit your forwarding card (PS Form 3575). The start date should be the date you will no longer get your mail at the Florida address. PS Form 8076 is an Authorization to Hold Mail and can be sent to the Conover Post Office to hold any mail that may be coming there and to safely protect your mail should you have any delay or problems in arriving in Conover. The card should not have a date of arrival - Just check box (B) indicating you will pick up mail when you arrive and then tell the Conover Post Office that they can start deliveriing to your Conover mail box. At the end of the Summer, a Forwarding Card should be filed here to give us information on where to send mail to you at your home in Florida. The start date would be the day you leave and no longer get mail in your mailbox. It is a good idea and recommended, that you remove your mailbox from the edge of the road to protect it from damage from the winter snow. Because boxes of persons remaining in God's Country for the Winter are obligated to clear snow from the box so that the carrier can approach with a car without trouble, those boxes do not receive the heavy blow of snow from plows as would a box that never gets shoveled out. Much of the snow from the center of the road must be forced from the plow blade to the ditch line and depending upon the snow density and water content, the force can easily detroy a mailbox without any truck or blade hitting it. After completing the PS Form 3575, you can mail a yellow Hold Card PS 8076 to your Florida Post Office so that they can hold mail coming with your Florida Address on it and at the same time, can stop forwarding that mail back up to Conover. When you safely arrive back in Florida, you can stop into your local Post Office, pick up accumulated mail and have them resume delivery to you there. That way, no mail will be heading North and South cris-crossing because these people do not know where you are at. Any questions you might have can be answered by your local Post Office Personnel or you can visit them on line at: Note: When ever you are using an ending date, check with the Post Office to make sure that date does not exceed the period of time for that particular service. There is a difference between a temporary and permanent move. A card is required for every LAST NAME and BUSINESS NAME that has been receiving mail. There is a Difference 54519 is the Town of Conover. There is no such thing as the "Township of Conover." In fact, the State of Wisconsin does not have such a critter. Centuries ago, the term Township was referred to as a 6 mile by 6 mile section of land. This has been done away with in Wisconsin. There are Townships in other states like Illinois but we won't go there on this topic. Just remember, we are the TOWN OF CONOVER.

How do I pay my property taxes/personal property taxes?
December & January:  You can pay your  property taxes/personal property tax on this link:

After January you can mail your personal property tax to Town of Conover, PO Box 115, Conover, WI  54519.  Check made payable to:  Town of Conover.

Property Tax payments after January are mailed to:  Vilas County Treasurer, 330 Court St., Eagle River, WI  54521.  Checks payable to:  Vilas County Treasurer or pay by credit/debit card on their website.

Town Services Q&A

What about areas on the application that I am not sure where to get the data asked for?

There is information on the permit application that may be questionable to you. In almost all instances, the Clerk or Deputy Clerk can help you with them and most likely has complete access to this information because of the many positions within the Town in which the person has. They can get your legal description, computer number, your zoning district and assist you with the fire number application.

What about the fire number?

The fire number is the physical location which you must use for someone finding you - example: ambulance call, fire call, delivery via some carrier like United Parcel Service or FedEx. It only becomes an address when you have properly filed for and requested mail delivery from the Conover Post Office (715) 477-1354. The fire number is obtained now (effective Jun 2007) via efforts of the Local Liason with Vilas County Mapping from a uniform grid. Names of roads and sequence of numbers is very important because of the enhanced 911 services. Once a fire number has been issued, the cost of the sign and post will be billed to the property owner at cost. Special Note: Signs will not have the name of the road on it - instead, it will have the words "Conover." The new standard will be white numbers and letters on a green background consisting of vinyl over aluminum in a "Flag" design. The estimated cost of a sign is $35 and the heavy-weight steel channel post is $9.95. Replacement and new fire numbers will be billed and paid by property owner at cost. Suspicious activity near fire and road signs should be reported or try to record a license plate number. Vandalism is a problem and only efforts by all of us can put a stop to it. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the fire signs for their property.