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Fire and Street Directory 2018

This directory in PDF style lists all the current fire numbers and the roads on which the fire number applies. The directory is updated periodically. One should pay particular attention as to how the name of the road is written out - this is in compliance with various agencies including the US Cencus Bureau & the USPS

License / Permit / Regulatory Requirements

Town of Conover [ fees are determined by the Town Board ] Applications permits that are not available on this site, must be obtained by contacting the Clerk or Zoning Administrator of the Town.

Mobile Home Permit

Required for placement of a mobile home or manufactured home upon real estate property.

Special Use Permit

Required for any special use of land not specified in general Zoning requirements such as camping or recreational vehicle parking and use (Ord 4-16)

Driveway Permit

Required for construction of or modification/improvement to a driveway or access to property from an easement or town road

Ord 90-01D


Road Permit

Required for any act of excavation, fill, culvert, alteration, Improvement or obstruction including disturbance in any Manner, any road right-of-way, bridge or driveway (Ord 90-01D)  Mail Applicaton to:  Town of Conover - PO Box 115 - Conover WI  54519-0115


Zoning Permit

Required for any act of building, constructing, erecting or otherwise altering a structure . . structure means a building, facility or other unit constructed or erected including fences, garages, sheds or appurtenances. (Ord. 90)

WI Uniform Building Permit

Required in addition to all other applicable Zoning Permits for the construction of any new, 1 and 2 family dwellings.

Seasonal Weight Permit

Required for vehicle that is over-weight, to delivery home heating fuels or emergency essentials ONLY as per Wisconsin Statutes (Ord 2-14)

Fire Number Application

Required for a property once there is any improvement upon it (ie. shed, garage, cabin etc.)

Sign/Billboard Permit

Required for placement of any type of sign under all categories (Ord 97) regardless of who owns property.

Demolition Permit

Required for demolition or removal of any structure from ones property (is the only method for removing its value from your property tax bill).

Public Voter Access Site

Look up your personal registration, location of where to vote, sample previous and current ballots and much more!

Dog License

Required by Statute 174.05 for any dog more than 5 months of age on Jan 1st or that will be 5 months of age within the license year.

Operator License

Required for all persons involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages who are not at all times, under the direct supervision or sight of the licensed owner or a person with a current operator’s license.

Alcoholic Beverage and Cigarette Licenses

They are required annually for the sale of such items. Licensing period is from Jul 1 – Jun 30.

Child Labor Permit

No longer needed - per WI legislative changes in 2017.

Town Park Use

Rental Contract Conover

Town Park Use & Fee


Procedures for Board of Review

Board of Review Objection Form



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Property Tax Payment

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Liquor License

The Liquor License link is available June 1 - June 30.

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Zoning Permit

The Zoning Permit link is available any time.

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